NEW MARATHON COURSE!!  The marathon course is changed to favor roads with less traffic, lower speed limits, and less conflict with the MS Bike Ride.  The half marathon course has not changed.

Flat and fast rural course through the Skagit Valley.  The marathon is a Boston qualifier with a certification course number of USATF # WA19018RMB. The half marathon is also certified with a course number of USATF # WA19017RMB .  The race start is on Victoria Street on the south side of Burlington Edison High School. The marathon and 1/2 marathon are run on rural roads through the Skagit Valley farmlands (see course map for exact route) and finishes on the Burlington-Edison High School track. The course will be clearly marked and monitors will be at all intersections. Due to course restrictions, participants must finish within 6 hours. The course closes at 2:00 pm.

NEW FIVE MILE RACE!! This year Skagit Runners is adding a 5 mile distance to the Skagit Flats Marathon races.  The first half of the course is the same at the Full and Half marathons and then continues straight on Peterson road after Pulver road to a turn-around point.  The finish is at the same location as the Half and the Full Marathons.

Course Narrative:
Start on Victoria Street just west of the gym and make a left on Norris street. Continue under I-5. At the stop sign take a right and  then in about 1 mile take a right on Pulver. Go straight through the next stop sign at Josh Wilson and then make a left on Maiben. Right on Avon-Allen, then a left on Benson. The turn-around is for BOTH the full and the half and is about 2 miles down Benson. The half marathoners will return via the same route and the full marathoners will briefly follow the same route then turn left (north) on Thomas road, left (west) on Field road, right (north) on Church road, Right (north) on Farm to Market road for only a quarter mile (single file only), right (east) on Sunset road. and continue for about 1.5 miles to the turn-around. After you turn around you will follow the course back exactly the way you came including the first turn-around on Benson. When you get back to the starting line, you will make a left and run between the gym and track and onto the track.

Interactive Course Maps:

Full Marathon

Half Marathon

5 Mile

USATF Course Certification Maps:

Full Marathon

Half Marathon

Course Closure:
The course will be open for 6 hours. All participants must finish the race in 6 hours. Runners and walkers who have not finished by 2:00 pm will be responsible for their own safety. Early starts are not allowed. Participants receiving support from bicyclists, unregistered runners or unofficial vehicles will be disqualified.

Aid Stations:
There will be 8 manned water stations, with 7 of them serving runners out and back (for a total of 15 stops for the entire marathon course). There will be an extra aid station near the end of the marathon course at mile 25.5 that will only be open on the return for marathoners. The stations will be manned by local cross country teams. Water, FLUID Performance sports drink, Honey Stinger Gels, and Succeed S-Caps will be available at all stations.  

The approximate positions of the aid stations for the marathon course are as follows: 1.5 miles, 2.25 miles, 3.75 miles, 5.75 miles, 7 miles, 8.75 miles, 10.5 miles, 12 miles, 14 miles, 15.5 miles, 19 miles, 20.25 mile, 22.25 miles, 23.75 miles, 24.5 miles, 25.5 miles.

Porta Potties:
We will have a porta potty at all 7 aid stations, except for the extra aid station at mile 25.5.

Two EMTs and ten volunteers with blister kits will be riding the course with cell phones. Cell phones will be located at every water station.