Lucky Devil

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: Are baby joggers, strollers or inline skates allowed in the race? What about headphones?
    Answer: Since the races are run on the shoulder and edge of county roads that are not closed to traffic, it would be extremely dangerous to allow wheeled participants on the course. If a course official sees a stroller or skater on the course, the participant will be disqualified and asked to leave the course.
    It is unsafe for participants to wear headphones on the course since all participants will need to listen for traffic as well as instructions from course officials. The use of headphones such as MP3 players may interfere with awareness of dangers on the course. If something were to happen to a participant wearing headphones, our insurance may not cover the incident. If you must wear headphones, keep the volume low enough to be aware of traffic and course instructions. A participant may be disqualified if he or she cannot hear instructions from course officials due to the use of headphones.
  2. Question: Will the race be chip timed?
    Answer: Yes, with both starting and finishing mats.
  3. Question: Can I help with the race even if I am not a club member?
    Answer: Yes! Please contact the race director, Chris Wright if you want to volunteer.
  4. Question: I can’t stay for the awards ceremony. Can I have my award mailed?
    Answer: Sorry, but due to the expense and time constraints, we will be unable to mail awards. We encourage you to stay for the awards ceremony if you finish in the top 3 in your age division. If you are unable to stay, you may want to have somebody who is staying pick up your award. It may also be possible to pick up awards at a later date at the Skagit Running Company, but please make arrangements with the race director.
  5. Question: I don’t see an elevation map on your website. Can I get an elevation map?
    Answer: The course is flat and at sea level. The only slight hill on the course has been eliminated with the new routes. There is an elevation profile available at the USATF web site.
  6. Question: How can I switch races after I have registered?
    Answer: We would be happy to help you switch races at the expo. Ask for Chris (the race director) if the people at the registration tables look confused! If you are switching from the half marathon to the full marathon, you will need to pay the difference in cost. No refunds will be issued if you switch from the full marathon to the half marathon. Switches from the full marathon to the half marathon can also be done by email for no charge, but make sure to have this done by the Friday before the race. We will not be checking emails at the race expo. Switching from the half to the full must either be done at the expo or by special arrangement with the race director before the expo.
  7. Question: Do you cover expenses for elite runners?
    Answer: No. This is a fairly small local race with proceeds going to fund local school cross country programs. We do not have funds available for free entries/expenses/etc.
  8. Question: Can I have my own personal supplies delivered to the aid stations before the race?
    Answer: No. The school cross country programs each set up their own aid stations and usually do not come to the starting area before the race. Because of the many different groups responsible for the aid stations, it would be logistically impossible to have the teams bring personal items to the aid stations. With the many other jobs that we will be taking care of before the race, we will not have anyone available to drive the entire course to drop off personal items at the aid stations. The aid stations should be well stocked with water and sports drinks. A few aid stations should also have gels, candy and small food items available. If you need a special sports drink or food for the race, there are several belts and hand held bottles on the market that are designed for this purpose.
  9. Question: Will the roads where the course runs be closed to vehicular traffic?
    Answer: The county will not allow the roads to be closed, so runners will be sharing the roads with cars (and possibly bikes). Please be aware of traffic and be especially careful at all intersections.
  10. Question: Will results be submitted in time so I can register for the Boston Marathon on Monday?
    Answer: We have always been able to submit marathon results to the BAA by midnight on Sunday. However, it is not necessary for Boston to have the results before you register because they do not verify the qualifying times at registration time. If you qualify, make sure to get your official time from the posted results and then register for Boston as soon are you are allowed.
  11. Question: My chip time is faster than some runners who are listed ahead of me in the results? Why is that?
    Answer: Per USATF rule 245 (3), the order of finish is based on gun time, not chip time. This means that the results will be listed in the order that runners cross the finish line as it would be if chip timing was not used.