6/26/2019 – Our new USATF certification for the Skagit Flats Marathon and Half Marathon has been posted on the USATF website.

6/16/2019 – Our marathon and half marathon courses have been officially measured, certification applications completed and submitted to USATF, and we’ve heard that our WA state USATF course certifier has given it the green light.  We are just waiting for final approval from USATF on the national level which we expect in the next week or two.

4/11/2019 – Skagit Runners has added a 5 Mile distance to the Skagit Flats Marathon races.  The first half of the course is the same and the Full marathon before it continues straight on Peterson Road and starts and finishes at the same locations as the Full and the Half.  If you are looking for a shorter distance or you have a family member who would like to participate but is not up to a half marathon you now have this option.  Great for walkers too!

2/17/2019 – Registration is open for the Skagit Flats Marathon and Half Marathon.  We are sticking with DataBar which can be reached from the links on our registration page.  I ran one direction of the Full Marathon course this morning and really enjoyed it.  It was nice to be on the side roads instead of the busy highways, it was really peaceful, and I am getting pretty excited about this year!

1/26/2019 – Registration is still closed for the Skagit Flats Marathon and Half Marathon.  We are still considering using a different registration platform that will give us some new management tools.  We hope to get it open soon.  There are a number of changes in the works for 2019, most importantly a new Full Marathon course on roads with less traffic, lower speed limits, and less conflict with the MS Bike Ride course.  A link to the new course map is on the “Course” page.  The Half Marathon course is unchanged.  Again thanks for your interest in the Skagit Flat Marathon and Half Marathon, we hope to see you there!